Verizon salesman explains who Google Pixel 4 is best for

Google Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL have been featured for weeks now with people being undecided on which phone could be their perfect update, with the iPhone 11 line and Samsung Galaxy Note 10 being its direct competition. Additionally, the phone is described through vibrant reviews online which makes it extremely difficult to choose. A journalist from ZDNet was one of the undecided people so he visited a Verizon store and the salesman tells the truth about Google Pixel 4 as well as which consumers benefit from its performance the most.

Verizon salesman Google Pixel 4

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Google Pixel 4 was teased but also leaked for a long time as well, which made its launch not so spectacular, with the leaks coming out in great numbers every week for months. In addition to that, once the phone launched with a large number of ads and blog posts that promote its great cameras and innovative Motion Sense, different reviews including ones from The Guardian, ZDNet and TechRadar stated that while the phone features a great camera, the lack of fingerprint sensor and a poor battery life made it a huge dealbreaker for the price of the phone.

Chris Matyszczyk from ZDNet was also one of the people undecided of which phone to go with, so he went to Verizon to see what was so special in the Google Pixel 4 that made it worth buying. A Verizon salesman happily assisted him, but the more he was explaining its features to the journalist, the more it seemed that Pixel 4’s predecessor, Pixel 3 was a much better phone, and as well, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 was a better option. He mostly emphasized that the camera of Note 10 was much better despite Google investing in a high-end camera, and that using fingerprint sensor for unlocking is still considered a valuable feature over facial recognition.

He also said that having “pure Android” authentically present only on Pixel phones is much more attractive compared to the Android masks that Samsung would put over it so “that it feels more like an iPhone.”

Seeing that the Verizon salesman wasn’t too enthusiastic about the phone, Matyszczyk asked the salesperson who would be the most interested in buying the Google Pixel 4, in which he responded with “Angry people.” He further explained that he was referring to people who previously had a lot of trouble with the iPhone and Samsung devices so that they had to return them and would pick the Pixel phone driven by the bad experience. Additionally, people who live overseas and countries where Pixel 4 isn’t available were also interested in Pixel 4 over other phones.

In the end, even though the enthusiasm toward Google Pixel 4 phone isn’t so great when compared to the hype from last month, the Verizon salesperson did say that the new Orange option is still out of the display because demand for it is high.

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